Facebook Poker is one of the most popular poker websites on the internet over the whole world. It has (reportedly) over 38 million players. It can be accessed through Facebook, android and most Apple products such as the iPad and iPhone. I am sure that this easy access has contributed to its success.


Although, it is not an expensive hobby to play Facebook Poker players are always on the lookout for ways to find cheap fb poker chips or even free ones. Inevitably, these same players have found some very inventive ways to obtain them. In some cases (although it is rare and relatively inconsistent) you can even get free fb poker chips if you know how to do so.


How to get Free Facebook Poker Chips???

Facebook hosts a number of App Pages to accompany Apps available on the Facebook site. Unsurprisingly, FB Poker has such a page that is hosted by the company itself. Occasionally, they will post special offers for either cheap poker chips or sometimes even free ones. Presumably, they do this in an effort to encourage people away from using third party websites. They do make some very good offers on such pages and it is certainly worth checking them out and not assuming that you can always get a better deal elsewhere.

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Direct from the App – Although I am not aware that you can get free poker chips directly from the App itself there are certainly offers posted in the form of discounts for purchasing higher amounts of chips. Of course, as with purchasing through the official Facebook App page, you also have the peace of mind of knowing that you are dealing directly with the company and therefore there will be no complications and you will not get scammed in any way by them.

Daily Promotions & Giveaways – There are a number of places where you can take part in daily promotions for chips being given away or to get other similar bonuses. By checking out the official websites and pages for FB as well as any forums or communities (on Facebook and elsewhere) there is often the opportunity to boost your poker chip balance.

Earn them – Most fb poker companies have made a deal with TrialPay which means that you can complete offers and be rewarded with free poker chips as a result. If you go down this route it is important that you note and follow any specific instructions related to the offer to ensure that you ‘complete the offer’ in a way that you can get your reward.

Win them – It may sound obvious but one way to get free poker chips is to win them on the App. I am not aware of any tweaks, tricks, hacks or workarounds for FB Poker although I am sure that they do exist. However, with practice (of course) you will improve your ability to play the game and are therefore more likely to win more chips. Indeed, this is the only verifiable way that I have found of getting free poker chips.To be honest with 100 million chips available for $10-20 the effort it will take to find free poker chips probably just isn’t worth it. If all else fails you can beg friends who use the app to gift you some!

Buying Facebook Poker Chips outside Facebook – Is it safe?

Third Party Websites – There are a number of legitimate third party websites to buy discounted Poker Chips from. A reputable website is buycheappokerchips.com which offers a range of purchases from 100 million chips up to 3 billion chips. They have an online chat facility for peace of mind and a price match promise on their website so there is really nothing to lose.

Are They Scam Free? – There are lots of scams out there leading you to believe that you can get free poker chips. Most of these don’t work at all, a few may work for a short while but don’t last. If you search for free Facebook  poker chips you are likely to just end up at spam or scam sites. The same can be said for searching on YouTube for instructional videos – the majority (if not all) will be advertising or trickery.

As you can see there are lots of different ways that you can get free or cheap poker chips that can be used on FacebookPoker games. Not only is FB Poker one of the most popular poker Apps but they also host a variety of games meaning that you can experience different types and styles of Poker and play a variety of people rather than just being stuck to one single game or App.

Why not go now and find cheap or free poker chips and try your luck at the online poker tables. You are bound to find someone you know or make new friends with so many active players worldwide.